Common Questions

We get the same questions again and again, so before you ask, read a bit.

Still want to know more? Need ground truth on a rumor, urban legend, or social media theme? Ask. We’re proud of our club and our MC community, so we’re happy to have a conversation.

Q: Why in the world would I want to join an MC?

A: Because you want something more. Because you realize the $20 Velcro brotherhood of a sticker and a t-shirt doesn’t cut it. Because you want a vetted team built on trust with a common professional background.

Q: How do I join the Philistines MC?

A: The traditional way. You meet a Philistine. Maybe they invite you to be a Hang-Around. If we all like one another, maybe you’re invited to be a Prospect. If and when you’re ready, and when you have the trust of the Patch Holders, you may earn your cut.

Q: Can anyone join?

A: Nope. We’re open to male American citizens currently or previously employed in a national security related field – either in the military, as a contractor, or with the US government. We allow a limited number of non-security members in each chapter. All Hang-Arounds and Prospects are vetted/verified. Want details? Ask.

Q: How long will it take to earn my patch?

A: We follow the old ways. Patches are earned when the member is ready to wear it. Every man is a little different. The main drivers are earned trust and an understanding of MC protocol.

Q: Will you guys hurt my clearance? My job?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! We’ve got members actively doing the nation’s business around the globe. We prohibit criminal activity, drugs are forbidden at all club functions, and we are only open to US citizens. The club maintains solid OPSEC, and we keep a deliberately low profile. We understand the value of discretion in all we do.

Q: Do I have to ride a Harley?

A: Nope. You need a bike that’s street legal and can tour at highway speeds. The PMC has never discriminated on bike.

Q: Why the Philistines?

A: This one is definitely a “better over beer” conversation. It’s pretty funny. But one thing’s for sure – it’s not a bible reference.

Q: Are you a family-friendly club?

A: A man needs to keep his clearance, pay his bills, and provide for his family above all. Rides aren’t always “open”, and your wife/kids aren’t invited to meetings. But they’re a part of your world, so they’re a part of ours. Dinners, fire pits, bar nights, etc… are usually family-friendly.

Q: I watched a lot of Sons of Anarchy and I’m really in to that life!

A: GTFO. Seriously. We have no patience for wannabe tough-guy crap.