The Philistines MC is a law abiding, modern motorcycle club in the DC Metro area. To be a Philistine is to be a member of a brotherhood dedicated to motorcycling and each other. Our membership is by invitation only.


PMC is sanctioned by our local club community as an independent, non-territorial patched MC based in Northern Virginia and with chapters in surrounding areas. The club was established in 2005 and we maintain that independence and neutrality today. We honor the old school traditions of the MC community while understanding that are we’re living in modern times.


  • We are an independent club.

  • We claim no territory and pledge no affiliations.

  • We are neutral in inter-club matters.

  • We do not discriminate on race or  brand and ride with a wide variety of bike styles. 

    If you think you’ve got what it takes to wear our patch, contact a patch holder and introduce yourself.

We protect Lord Dagon, God of the Philistines, as the elite warriors of the Legion of Dagon.