The Philistines Motorcycle Club was founded in 2005 in the Northern Virginia area. The PMC originals were not interested in clubs with restrictions on bike brands, racial or religious discrimination, riding styles, or questionable affiliations. So they established their own club.

After developing bylaws that fit their own values, these riders received a blessing from the local MC community, and the Philistines Motorcycle Club was born on October 17, 2005.

Parking Shenanigans

Modern Values

PMC follows many of the traditional MC paths. We have a deep commitment among brothers, a traditional prospecting process, we respect the patch and the cut, and we respect other clubs.

We also understand the modern world. We ride all kinds of motorcycles. We don’t discriminate against race, orientation, or religion. We understand that job and family must often come before the club. As most of our members have security clearances, we limit our membership to American men with clean backgrounds.


We are a Motorcycle Club. The PMC rides motorcycles first and foremost.

Doc’s GS

As an MC, we place a premium on trust and brotherhood. You can’t buy our patch, we’re not a ride planning service, and you don’t get in because you joined a website.

The men of the PMC trust one another based on our commitment to MC protocol, shared experiences, and common professional backgrounds.

No Politics, No Religion, No Bullshit

We believe there’s more than enough division, proselytizing, shouting, and virtue signaling in the world – we’re not having it. We’re Americans, we served (or currently serve) our nation, we follow (or don’t) the faith of our choosing, and we respect that people can have diverse views on issues.

Our members find refuge from work, from life’s bullshit, and from the garbage they’ve seen defending our nation when they’re together and on their bikes.

We don’t take positions on social issues, we don’t call people shitty names, and we don’t ram religion down your throat.



PMC Masthead

  • We’re not 1%er’s.
  • We won’t cost you your wife, family, job, or clearance.
  • Our members come from specific professional backgrounds.
  • We’re not a vets club, but many members are.
  • We claim no turf.
  • We’re not a riding club. You don’t “sign up”.

While we’re sanctioned by the 1%er community, PMC is a fully independent and neutral club. We don’t support any other clubs. We claim no turf. We take no position on inter-club conflicts and take no sides.