The PMC Story


Our History

The Philistines MC is a modern motorcycle club that started up in 2005. We are an all-male, independent club open to all races and bike types. We have chapters in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia with Nomads in several other states.

Most of the founding members started in a riding club in Fairfax. We got tired of douches being associated with us simply because we bought the same $18 patch. We wanted a tighter, smaller group of guys we’d be proud to be tied to.

In early 2005, we elected to start an independent, non-territorial, modern club that follows traditional club values. We reached out to the 1%ers in the area and sought their counsel and approval. After proving ourselves to them, we were invited to a community-wide sanctioning meeting at a bar in Gainesville, VA on October 8th, 2005. The meeting was presided over by the local dominant and attended by roughly 12 clubs from the Northern Virginia area. After a good 2 hours of proving ourselves an asset to the MC community, the patching of the Philistines MC was approved unanimously.

What We’re Not

  1. We aren’t 1%er’s.
  2. We’re not AMA Sanctioned.
  3. We’re not territorial. We claim no turf.
  4. We’re not cops or a veterans club.
  5. We’re not a riding club. You don’t “sign up”.

We don’t take (or hang out with) people of low moral character, guys that do drugs, people we can’t trust from the get-go, aren’t patriotic, or people who have a hair trigger.

What We Care About

First and foremost, the PMC is a brotherhood.  We fight for each other and our families. We protect each other’s wives and children without hesitation or question. We are, in the truest sense, brothers. We have keys to each others homes, we know each others pain and joys, we stand by each other in good times or bad. Our kids call each other cousins and the other patch holders uncles. We have fed, clothed, and housed each other in times of need. We’ve all shared tears and joy together.

Next, we’re motorcycle-centric. We find the best therapy is wind therapy, the best beer is the one along the ride, the tastiest food is at the end of a great day, and the best conference room is a bar table. We ride.  We don’t take guys that’d rather spend 3 hours talking about memories than being on the road making them. When in doubt, saddle up and go. The best conversations and times we’ve ever had are the ones that were unplanned and just happened in the course of a ride.

Who Becomes a Philistine

The typical Philistine is pretty tough to pin down, but there are a handful of qualities that we all share:

1. Patriotic Americans without hesitation, cause of evasion, or mental reservation.

2. Typically men who’ve touched the military – vets, service brats, contractors, DoD civilians, etc.

3. Tough enough to win a bar fight but smart enough to avoid it.

4. Doesn’t take themselves too seriously and knows how to party. Able to make and laugh at dick jokes.

5. Well educated and with a clean background.

Why We’re Different

Every club has a reason for being. Those reasons are what define them. We’re no different in that regard. Where we are different is in a few key things:

1. We accept metric bikes (i.e., not Harley only).

2. We don’t discriminate on race. Assholes come in all colors.

3. Our members value discretion highly because of their career fields.

Many of our members work in career fields requiring substantial discretion. Because of this, we’re extremely selective in our associations. While we’re sanctioned by the 1%er community, we are a fully independent club. We don’t support any other clubs, and don’t have support clubs of our own. We claim no turf. All of members prospect in the traditional way.

We have a strict code against illegal or unethical behavior. In short, if it’s likely to involuntarily cost someone their job or endanger the club or their family, it’s not welcome with us.

Bastard 7 Cropped

Philistines? Why the name? Are you guys religious?

Fuck no. While most of our members are members of a faith, the club name has no religious meaning at all. It was actually a tongue-in-cheek thing when we picked it. While trying to decide what to call ourselves, we went through the usual brainstorming and all the cliche kinds of names came up. None of them really seemed to line up.

After a few more beers, Hawkeye said “Look, we’re all educated guys who don’t much give a shit about art and literature. We like to drink beer, use bad language, and give each other a ration of shit about things. We’re fucking Philistines.” The room got pretty quiet (unusual with our guys) and everyone kind of knew at that point he was right. We let it sit for a couple of days and it became a reality. No matter what else came up, the name was the only one we kept coming back to.

According to the dictionary, “Philistinism is a derogatory term used to describe a particular attitude or set of values perceived as despising or undervaluing art, beauty, spirituality, or intellectualism. A person with this attitude is referred to as a Philistine.”

If you’re interested in knowing more, walk  up and ask.