PMC Announces New Officers

The Philistines MC is pleased to announce our newest officers: President Boomie Philistine, VP Bling Philistine, SAA Doc Philistine, and Treasurer Hawkeye Philistine. #Motorcycle #PFFP These new officers, committed to our club’s construct of “A modern MC with traditional values”, began their term at our THING on Wednesday night. Please congratulate (i.e., buy a drink for) Read More …

Remember the Fallen

Before you head out to your backyard BBQ, or to congregate at Rolling Thunder, take a minute to remember what Memorial Day is really for – to honor the fallen. To remember what they sacrificed so you can have that BBQ, to drink that beer, to ride around on that bike. And don’t thank a Read More …

Happy Birthday to Hawkeye

The the son-of-a-bitch is a mere one hundred and seventy-five years old. And yet, he keeps on kicking. We love you, Methuseleh. Philistine patch #2, charter member, and all around asshole.  

The NEW PMC Website is UP!

Check out our new Philistines MC website at New features: Public calendar, powered by Google, so you can add it to your phone. Gallery of PMC photos. So you can look at us ugly fuckers. Facebook and Twitter integration – so we can make fart jokes, post tits, etc… from anywhere. Mongo. Shit tons Read More …

It’s AWESOME Outside. Where are you heading?

We know our plans – ride all day, drink by the firepit at night. Doc’s got a new dyno tune on his scoot. Boom got laid. homebru mentioned something about Guinness and Floor said “Fuck it all, where’s the beer?” What’s it all mean? Shut up and ride. You know how to find us.