About Us

 What is a Philistine?

Philistine [fil-uh-steen] (noun) A person who is lacking in or hostile or smugly indifferent to cultural values, intellectual pursuits, aesthetic refinement, etc., or is contentedly commonplace in ideas and tastes.

According to the dictionary, “Philistinism is a derogatory term used to describe a particular attitude or set of values perceived as despising or undervaluing art, beauty, spirituality, or intellectualism. A person with this attitude is referred to as a Philistine.”

That’s textbook definition, anyway. In religion the short answer is–Philistines were regarded as barbarians who thrived on general chaos despite their advanced understanding of weapons, technology, and science. They also loved the shit out of beer.  Based on this historic description and the textbook definition above…well let’s just say the shoe fit…


The Philistines Motorcycle Club was founded in 2005 in the Northern Virginia area. Back then, the soon-to-be PMC originals were friends from the Virginia and Maryland areas riding together with other local organizations. As their friendship grew they all realized two things–they all wanted to publicly display their affiliation with each other and they wanted to formalize their friendship. The established clubs in the area weren’t quite the right fit for one reason or another – bike brands, race requirements, etc…  With a blessing from the local MC community, the Philistines Motorcycle Club was born on October 8, 2005.

A modern club with traditional values.

Ever since that day the Philistines Motorcycle Club has remained true to the core beliefs that it was founded upon…motorcycles, brotherhood, and having a good time. Eleven years later, the club is still going strong – a modern day club that honors MC traditions.  

All members follow the traditional path – hang around, prospect, patch holder. Our membership is for life, and we use the term “brother” in a literal sense. Our kids know one another, our families hang out, and we are deeply committed to each other. We subscribe to a culture of respect for other clubs, the community, and the businesses we patronize. We believe that the behavior of one club reflects on all of us, so we take care to make a positive impression.

We also understand the modern world. We accept any kind of bike, with the emphasis being on the man riding it rather than the sheetmetal on the frame. We don’t care about your race…assholes come in all colors. We’ll never come between a man and his family or the job he uses to provide for them. We don’t care what your job is, as long as it’s legal. We insist that our members have a fairly clean background and be of the highest personal character.


Aside from the riding, the good times, and booze-fueled bad decisions we also do our part to help preserve bikers rights and support causes we believe in. It can be work at times, but somehow even then we manage to have a kick ass time. If things sound good to you and you think you might be a good fit, drop us a line.

What We’re Not:

  1. We’re not 1%er’s.
  2. We’re not AMA Sanctioned.
  3. We’re not territorial. We claim no turf.
  4. We’re not cops or a veterans club (though military vets are welcome)
  5. We’re not a riding club. You don’t “sign up”.

Keep the shiny side up. And if you crash, at least make it look good.